Book Launch Party

Book Launch Party

Book Launch Party: 

 Soccer Thinking for Management Success: Lessons for organizations from the world’s game

Wednesday August 8th

6:00 – 8:30pm

The Dock FC

1400 Okie St NE, Washington, DC 20002


Kizito Byenkya – Senior Program Specialist Open Society Foundations, rec league team manager and player

Neil Richardson – Executive coach, instructor at Georgetown and George Washington, author of Preparing for a World That Doesn’t Exist – Yet, former pro player

Tanya Vogel - Athletic Director at The George Washington University, former GW player and coach

And Peter Loge, author of Soccer Thinking for Management Success for a discussion of how soccer thinking can help managers and organizations succeed. (Discussion will start at about 7p)

Ari Gejdenson – Owner of Mindful Restaurants Group and former pro player was originally scheduled to appear, but his schedule now prevents his attending the event.

Pre-order Soccer Thinking for Management Success on Amazon

or buy a signed copy at the event.

Advance Praise for Soccer Thinking for Management Success

"Though it may not have been apparent at first, I quickly learned that many of the principles and skills I learned on the soccer field and in the locker room directly applied to my new life in an office, handling and managing some of the brightest people I've ever met. Peter's book seamlessly brings both worlds together and shows just how similar they can be."

- Danny Karbassiyoon, Co-Founder , PLAYRMAKR and Total Soccer: Road to Glory, author of The Arsenal Yankee, first American to score at Arsenal

"You don't have to be a soccer fan to appreciate the lessons from 'Soccer Thinking for Management Success.' This is a fun and interesting read that anyone who manages, or who one day wants to manage, will find helpful."

- Hon. Henry F. De Sio, Jr., 2008 COO of Obama for America and author of Campaign Inc.: How Leadership and Organization Propelled Barack Obama to the White House

"I tell my management students the same thing I tell my soccer teams - communicate, support each other, and hold each other accountable. Peter captures these lessons and more in ways that show how thinking like a soccer player can help professionals succeed."

- Matt Winkler, Director, Sports Analytics & Management, American University and Founder, The Sports Events Marketing Experience (The SEME), youth coach

"'Soccer is war' Rinus Michels, the famed Dutch soccer coach, once said. Peter Loge doesn't go that far, but offers a highly original take on what business can learn from the addictive stew of tactical genius, technical brilliance and raw emotions that make soccer the world's most beautiful game."

- Friso van der Oord, Director of Research, National Association of Corporate Directors; author of Johan Cruyff, the American Years; aging soccer player and lifelong fan.

Lessons for Organizations from a Pickup Soccer Game

Lessons for Organizations from a Pickup Soccer Game

Soccer Thinking to Build Social Capital and Strengthen Communities

Soccer Thinking to Build Social Capital and Strengthen Communities